Interview Questions for Hunter K Smith – Creating with a Bang!

Tell us a bit about yourself. What inspired you to write Creating with a Bang!?

I had an extremely happy and wild childhood/teen life/20s in Dublin with parents and friends I adored, filled with funny stories, witty people, music, dancing and Shenanigans. Life was easy, perfect even, until both my parents died from the side effects of chemo, my mother very suddenly and my father slowly. At around the same time and living in Western Australia by then, I began to get serious skin cancers and my health went downhill fast. I went from having a fantastic life, confident and cheerful to a state of crying madness, chronic illness and surgery agonies where my body could not work, and my mind faded away some place out of reach.

Having worked in law for years, it gave me the tools to research science and medicine independently regarding my parents’ medical treatment and their shocking deaths. I was not out to blame anyone for anything. I was after answers, and Boy did I find them. Sadly, too late for my parents but NOT too late for my husband who nearly died last year from a misdiagnosed life-threatening cancer. He miraculously survived. I saved my own life and sanity in the process. Not bad for a Truly Desperate Housewife!

I wrote Creating with a Bang for many reasons, and dedicated the book to my childhood next door neighbour Mari Maxwell, a human rights’ story which could itself be a best seller.

The book was written as a legacy to our daughter, to offer her the tools to keep our horses healthy - free from vet bills through simple, inexpensive gut care.

The book is a pointer to the Highs of how we can heal our precious bodies IF we become best friends with the power of Independent Knowledge which is FREE to the User. The answers were here all along.

How did you come up with the title?

The word is special because of its significance and present tense. We can create and transform our lives with a Bang, in other words, instantly. It’s that easy - BUT it’s NOT so easy if sickness and madness have gone too far, then there’s No Entry Door back to life again. The trick is to listen to what’s Best, not necessarily what’s ADVERTISED. The science is here for anyone who wants to find it. A is loud and clear. We must Listen to correct information and NOT essentially to what we are being SOLD…

Your book is described as ‘Mad Fiction.’ What is ‘Mad Fiction’?

Mad fiction is where Truth and Fiction are REQUIRED to collide in the night as it may take an inquisitive person to read hidden implications within the narrative. The topics include controversial subjects (maybe) to the Big End of Town because Joe Ordinary comes out on top, every time. Mad fiction is fun and cleverly written with serious themes that affect each and every one of us MORE than we could ever know. Where is Life or Death? It’s whichever route you choose.

I have written about many important themes, one is the treatment of animals which directly affects each square patch of Earth, water usage and vast amounts of land where the Jailer becomes the Jailed. In the future, I feel eating animal products will be a thing of the past (ref: Sir Richard Branson) and the human race will quickly realise how easy it is to get well, and save a fortune in the process. Truth or Mad Fiction, you get to decide.

The story centres on Lulu and her friends who all live in separate parallel worlds. Without giving too much away, can you tell us who these characters represent?

Yes, George represents a famous author who influences me every day. Lulu is a mixture of a smart, Go-Get-It kinda girl who has learned that BEING leads her, not DOING! There are small bits of me in her character. Hot Henry is loosely based on my husband who is the sexiest man alive, to me! I didn’t say he was perfect! Carlo represents whatever God or not one believes in. He can be God, Buddha, Allah, the Light, Darkness, OR the sheer wonder of our unknowable universe. Victor represents the people in my life who have made me sick, mad and nearly half dead! I had a Big boss named Victor in my 20s and he was a good-looking, well-paid, intelligent charmer with apparently evil intent. I normally don’t hold grudges and believe in Forgive and Forget but there’s always ONE! The Men in Black represent the unethical Sellers in your area.