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Recently I spoke to Deb Scarlet about her passion for writing and her latest series: 'Mar's

 Deb, you’re a prolific writer with many books to your name. How many books have you written?

“A Dozen Dates” & “Driving Home” – contemporary romances. “The Bell Creek Wolf” & “The Bell Creek Stray” – Hard-core werewolf, romantic erotica (each consists of 5 consecutive short stories which combine to create a boxed set or novel the size of a Mills & Boone novel). The Bell Creek series is popular and by request I plan to have another instalment out by mid-April. “Neptune’s Sceptre” – sensual, erotic short story involving Mermen. “Cyclonic Resurgence” – erotic short story. “The Crimson Hue” & “Off Axis” – Books 1 & 2 in the Mars’ Lair Vampire Saga.

 Tell us a bit about yourself and your passion for writing

I grew up in the Australian bush in partial isolation and so naturally learned to occupy myself. By high school I had a whole collection of creative and/or artistic endeavours going on (still do), including writing! The writing projects for school went from short stories to becoming chapters in larger books. Readers should always want to know more, and that is how I feel as a writer. I want to know how my characters got to be who they are and where their history and circumstances will see them grow – I like the flow to be realistic. My characters become very real to me (perhaps this originated when I was an isolated teen - in a fashion I was building friends). When I get deeply engrossed in writing a book, I miss my characters when I’m too busy to spend time with them – when I don’t have time to write. I also tend to take on some of their traits, not unlike a method actor, as I start to experience the world through their eyes. Eg. When writing about Vampires I might drink Port. When I wrote about a young woman who became attached to a doll, I felt compelled to buy a doll which I cradled from time to time and even slept with. For me, writing is more than a passion – I feel it is my life’s purpose. I have so much to write about!

 Have you always been interested in the paranormal?

Yes. Definitely! I have a fascination for all things energy, probably because I have encountered so many strange occurrences throughout my lifetime, including haunted houses, poltergeist activity, Magickal results, etc. I have been a Tarot card reader for 30years and have done psychic/mediumship platforming in spiritual churches. I’m a big believer in signs and omens and synchronicity and am both intrigued and comforted by the occult and spirituality in general. Basically, if it’s weird I’ll poke it with a stick! I believe there is a whole other reality out there that just hasn’t yet been quantified by modern day scientists. In saying that, I don’t necessarily believe in your classical Vampires and Werewolves, but they are hell sexy to write about, and I find Vampires an awesome platform on which to discuss energy.

 What genre do you enjoy writing?

Supernatural and Paranormal, with strong veins of Erotica and/or Romance. Some of my writing is gradually starting to become more twisted and suspenseful, and I can definitely see myself going further in the psychological thriller direction in the future.  Have you ever written a novel in a different genre? Yes! Much of the stuff I write would be considered quite hard-core, but I also enjoy writing the occasional contemporary romance. I actually have a warning for my regular readers on the first book I ever wrote – warning them that it is a sweet young romance and probably not what they are used to getting from me.

 Your book ‘The Crimson Hue: A Modern Day Vampire Saga (Mar’s Lair Book 1)’ is set in the 21st Century.

On your website, the book trailer invites us to: ‘Step into the provocative world of the modern day vampire’ Can you tell us about this world? I have taken the Vampire concept and grounded it in reality. People who identify as Vampires, or practice Vampirism, or are fans of Vampires and dream of being one, will be able to relate to, or even identify as, the characters in this book. They aren’t immortal, nor do they disintegrate in the sunlight. However, I haven’t created a new Vampire, so much as embraced a very old one – the Primeval Vampire… Who have existed throughout history and have simply adapted to the 21st century. These Vampires still have a supernatural undertone, but they aren’t fluffy! They are extremely primal and therefore sexual, and they embrace their base urges to survive. Modern society doesn’t condone the drinking of blood, so its laws and morals aren’t conducive with their needs. The Mars’ Lair Vampires could quite possibly be living undetected amongst you, in your streets and neighbourhoods. And they might be feasting on your blood!

 I believe there is another book in the series titled ‘Off Axis.’ Without giving too much away – What can we expect?

Yes, “Off Axis” is Book 2 in the Mars’ Lair Vampire Saga. In this instalment, you can expect to go deeper into the world which is Anton’s inner circle - the guardians and Jade. You will experience different relationship dynamics from within, and be privy to the motives and manipulations which are woven throughout. I tell my Readers in the first Chapter what they can expect, but I am hoping they still don’t see it all coming. It is a twisted book, which once involved in, will take you on real rollercoaster ride. And of course, we have our favourite characters bouncing around and being themselves. Some might find love! There are also a couple of new characters - we watch a shy guy get inducted and trained, and we learn how to awaken latent Vampires. Mars? Well, he is the one the reader will be taking that rollercoaster ride with. I can’t let him live in peace just yet, or I wouldn’t have a story to tell! Poor Mars…. LOL! “Off Axis” still has the graphic erotica and violence seen in “The Crimson Hue,” and in places it may even have been kicked up a notch – I feel this instalment has more of a thriller edge to it than the first.

 Will there be a third book in the series?

Yes! And a fourth and fifth! …Book 3: “Out Of Orbit” …Book 4: “The Ascension” …Book 5: “Retrograde” I am aiming to have “Out Of Orbit” published by the end of 2018, but some titbits from Book 3 are already mentioned on my Website. No peeking until after you have read “Off Axis” though …because spoilers!

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