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Kathryn is a Sydney author whose interest in history and mythology was the catalyst for her debut novel Erinland to become a reality.


An adventure in the modern and ancient world, where the central characters seek acceptance and self-belief, the ‘players’ in Erinland find themselves in very different roles from their everyday life. Choices they make could mean the difference between life and death, with the consequences of these decisions reaching into their ‘real’ lives.


A visual writer, Kathryn explores the mythologies of ancient Norway and Ireland, giving a tangible view of everyday life and the impact of the Gods in these two cultures.


Since writing Erinland, Kathryn has delved into the world of picture books, and with the help of talented artist Susan Boyle, has created Gunner.


The inspiration for this story is based on actual events. With a backdrop of the bombing of Darwin during World War II, Gunner is just another stray dog wandering on the Royal Australian Air Force base looking for scraps of food. The first wave of bombings leads to a traumatic event in the young dog’s life, and he is rescued by personnel from No. 2 Squadron. Gunner later discovers a unique talent that helps save many lives, making him an invaluable asset to the R.A.A.F.


Dedicated to the men and women who served in Darwin during World War II, Gunner was written to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Darwin.


In her spare time Kathryn loves to write and dabble in other creative pursuits.

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